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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace

3D Crossview Video: To view the "3D effect"...Gently converge (cross) your eyes and focus on the middle image that appears while ignoring the outside. Move the pointer into the video and click the "enlarge icon" at the bottom right corner for easier freeviewing. Not everyone is successful but it does become easier with practice. In any case, hopefully you'll enjoy my Boogie Woogie! :)

If you have not yet been successful "freeviewing" this 3D stereo format using this method, here is a video tutorial that may help...

I have more animated photos and links to Power Point Shows on my Blog. (Animations require time to load)

My OOB (Out Of Bounds) image video presentation.


I'm a retired communications instructor/developer, raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (USA). I have a wide range of interests which include some limited artistic talent. My eclectic tastes, thirst for variety, and preference for images over words, eventually lead me through the internet to the world of 3D stereo in 2006.

Once I discovered that basically anyone with a camera, PC and access to the internet could create and share 3D images, I enthusiastically began a very interesting and somewhat addictive odyssey into a world that was a little off the beaten path though right up my alley! I realized quickly that this particular hobby was becoming more of a passion. I joined several international internet groups devoted to facets of 3D stereo which helped me immensely to learn and share ideas...

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Each time I think I've reached a peak, I find myself crossing another threshold that challenges my abilities and talents while paving way to another plateau. My hope is to become the best that I can be, not just with 3D stereo but life in general.

A few have told me my 3D images have inspired them to reach for similar results. I couldn't ask for a better compliment to my work. I view my accomplishments thus far however as merely a good foundation upon which to build into the future. I'm also creating normal 2D images for those who are not into 3D stereo.

As life progresses, what I sometimes find myself anticipating are those unknown surprises you occasionally expect to happen but don't know exactly what, where, or when. They help to keep us looking towards the future with optimism. Some may recognize them as opportunities but I call it "The spice of life".

The first year I was involved with 3D stereo in a group environment, I developed a software application for the Windows OS which is similar to a digital book and geared towards the beginner. It includes common error image examples to be avoided, stereo rules, information and tips I learned with help from more experienced fellow 3D enthusiasts, and digital photography tips. I also included some 3D stereo website links for reference.

I have been experimenting with ideas and techniques to produce unusual, and unique results in an effort to be original while learning to improve. One of these ideas was to incorporate animation into a 3D image to add even more lifelike effects to the view. Until then, I had only seen similar effects in 2D images. Some of my creations include moving water ripples, rain, and snow effects.

When StereoPhoto Maker was updated several years ago to include a clone tool, it was immediately evident to me that although it wasn't designed for the purpose of converting from 2D to 3D, it was a means of achieving the conversion of an entire 2D image to 3D through pixel shifting. I began converting images and soon wrote a tutorial for using the program with this objective in mind. Michael Beech also devoted a chapter of his book to my SPM conversion technique in his book "Super Stereo 3D" (Chapter 13), published in May, 2009. (Website:

Before StereoPhoto Maker incorporated a Floating Window feature, I developed a means of using an overlay through SPM for the same purpose. I also incorporated a method of using transparent PNG overlays as reusable designer frame masks for SPM. Tutorials were created for these techniques and entered into several 3D stereo web groups on Yahoo.

I was able to design and implement 3D frame borders within StereoPhoto Maker which could be used to hide the inherent overlapping Red/Cyan channel ghosts at either end/side of the Floating Window technique used to reduce deviation and the associated harsh ghosting on the main subjects of an anaglyph.

When I saw that 2D images were being used to incorporate the OOF (Out Of Frame), also known as OOB (Out Of Border) technique by magazines and advertisements to give the illusion of 3D to a flat 2D image, I decided to see what advantages it might yield if used in a 3D stereo image. Some had already occasionally used this technique in their 3D creations. I started developing the method however for use in 3D as a means of reducing deviation which is a major contributor of anaglyph ghosting by utilizing the OOF 3D illusion effect to enhance the perceived 3D without increasing parallax. Recently I contributed text and anaglyphs to ADCNJ's 3D Stereoscopic Gallery, managed by Neil Nathanson.

When I read of those who had stereo rigs custom made or paid a lot of money for a device to mount twin cameras on, I began a year long search for an extremely affordable, nearly ready-made adjustable twin camera rig for those of us who are more frugal. I was successful in finding a solution by slightly modifying an adjustable paint roller frame found at Home Depot (Home Improvement Store chain) and presumably any well equipped paint supply store. The cost was under $12 dollars (US). Metal L-Brackets consist of the modification portion. The handle can easily be removed if desired and a low-cost standard extension pole may be added or removed as needed for high angle shots or to be used as a monopod.

Upon request I have contributed images for use in several books, online magazines, websites and schools which include:

In July 2009, ISU (International Stereoscopic Union) used one of my 3D stereo images and text in an article by Shahrokh Dabiri (Stereoscopy - Series 2, Number 78, Issue 2, 2009 - pages 16-17 "Renaissance Festival Slide")

Michael Beech - "Super Stereo 3D" (Chapter 13), published in May, 2009.

Hitesh Gusani - (Mumbai India) - I will be doing a 3 hour 3d photography workshop in IIT institute which is one of the India's premiere institute for technology. I'd like to show your Power point presentation to the 200 students who are going to participate here.

Charlène Tardif - A school in Paris...

Lisa Taylor, the Pool and Patio editor for

Johanna Biehler - The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD.

Emma J. Williams - Managing Editor, Schmap Guides...,-76.65625&bottomright=39.19302,-76.55977&i=208582_20.jpg

Genevieve Pinto - Asst. to Mr. Fructuoso Navarro Ros (Author of a new Spanish 3D stereo book).

Patrick Swinnea - website "Blog - 3D Manifesto"

Thanks to Beth Edwards for all the help she gives here on FAA... 1stAngel Arts Magazine

Best Regards,
Brian Wallace

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OOF (Out Of Frame) Animated Preview

Anaglyph Picture Cube - Animated... Red-Cyan filtered 3D glasses required